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Lantana isn’t just any old beach town. History meets beautiful beach scenery here at the home of Oceanside Lantana. And when you live in a coastal town with a ton of Insta-worthy spots, you know you want to be the first one to find them. Here’s our top four local photo opps to make all your out-of-town friends extra jealous.

Lantana Municipal Beach

With just under 800 feet of shoreline and 8 acres to meander on, the town beach holds an important piece of history. The legendary barefoot mailmen made this sand famous in the 1880s, when they would trudge through the oceanside route along Lantana. Today, the beach is perfect for building intricate sandcastles, sunbathing, or snapping that epic sunset shoreline pic.

Lake Worth Lagoon

Get a glimpse of some amazing wildlife and sea creatures at Lake Worth Lagoon. This local treasure has a history that dates back to the mid-1800s, and it provides a habitat for some of the most incredible marine life in the U.S. It touches across 13 cities and runs over 20 miles in length. The lagoon is a picture-perfect backdrop for many protected natural areas, parks, walkways, historic mansions, waterfront cities, and marines. The photo opps are endless in this eco-marvel wonderland, and you can access it easily from Lantana’s Bicentennial Park.

Dancing Pineapples + Einstein’s Theory of Love + Angel Wings

If there’s one bit of local culture that The Palm Beaches is known for, it’s the amazing giant murals. A few in particular are truly standouts: Dancing Pineapples in the Pineapple Grove Arts District and Einstein’s Theory of Love on the patio of Subculture Coffee in West Palm Beach. Another favorite mural is Wings, which is located in Lake Worth along Lucerne Avenue. Put on your angel or butterfly wings and take those artsy pics. You’ll fit right in!

Worth Avenue Clock Tower

At the entrance to another epic photo spot, Worth Avenue, you’ll find the Worth Avenue Clock Tower, an iconic landmark in Palm Beach. There are an insane number of pretty angles you can take pictures from, with special glimpses of the crystal blue waters in the background. With such a picturesque background, you’ll get all kinds of comments asking which gorgeous Mediterranean country you’re visiting!

Wherever you’re headed around town, make sure to take advantage of all of our post-worthy photo opps here in Lantana. To stay up-to-date on everything happening around town, check out the Oceanside Lantana blog.