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A lynx against a white background



Jaguars. Lynx. Panthers. Wild cats make great nicknames in the sports world. Let’s take a look at some of the best out there with this list of the top five cat-themed sports team names. And, don’t worry, we’re steering clear of the boring, cliche names like Tigers, Lions, and Wildcats.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars


Even though they’re 1-5 and on pace to pick first overall for a second consecutive draft, but these big cats are dear to our hearts here in Jacksonville.

2. Minnesota Lynx


Seriously, is there a cooler wild cat than the lynx? The piercing eyes. The tufted ears. The dense, gorgeously patterned fur. Well played, Minnesota Lynx.

3. Penn State University Nittany Lions


One of the most recognizable mascots in college sports, the Nittany Lion team name pays homage to both the eastern mountain lion and Mount Nittany, the 2,077-foot peak that towers above the central Pennsylvania university.

4. Florida Panthers


This excellent team name celebrates the endangered Florida panther, a stunning beast that roams the pinelands and swamps of South Florida.

5. Lynchburg Hillcats

Minor League Baseball

This Single-A minor league baseball team in Lynchburg, Virginia, is named as much for local geography as it is any particular cat. Although the breed of cat featured in the team’s slick bright green and blue logo is a mystery, it’s no secret which hills the name references.

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