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With recent worldly events, there’s been quite a bit going on to be worked up about. And while the list of 2020 happenings could go on and on, let’s save ourselves from the doom and gloom by focusing on ways to wind down this holiday season – read on to get some ideas on how you can find peace and tranquility this winter.

All About the Self Care

We aren’t referring to normal hygiene or grooming maintenance of just taking care of yourself, like hopping into the shower (although that does help us relax). When we say self care, we’re talking about doing things that nourish your soul, that provide comfort, that help you reset your mental, emotional, and physical health. What does self care look like to you?

Snuggling with Your Pet

Invite your furry friend to snuggle up with you while you read a book or watch your favorite show. It’s amazing how much cuddling up with our four-legged companions can affect our mood.

Meditating with a Hobby

Did you know that dancing is a form of meditation? Spending time working on some of your favorite hobbies or downtime activities can help you relax and decompress as a form of active meditation. Maybe it’s soothing savasana yoga sessions, watercolor painting, or baking and cooking – whichever hobby you choose, you’ll most likely find yourself feeling calm as a result.

Wine Down Wednesday

If alcohol helps you relax a bit, or a lot, then we’ve got you covered. Check out our Wine Down Wednesday event happening at The Hawthorne this next Wednesday December 30th. Feel free to stop by the leasing office anytime during business hours to grab a glass of wine and some tasty finger foods to go (bring your ID, as we will be checking them).

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