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Young man with a surprised face holding a small Belgian waffle



In a beneficent display worthy of much celebrating, The Hawthorne will be bringing free breakfast to you. Get the details now, so you won’t miss out!

Is Breakfast the Greatest Meal of All Time?

Undoubtedly – but let’s break it down. Each day most of us tackle three main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of us, like Hobbits, sneak in a second breakfast or elevenses. That said, since we’ve gotta start somewhere, let’s narrow it down to the big three.

Forget everything you know about meals, and simply consider: If someone told you that you’d get three meals in a day, but before one of them you’d need to fast for something like 12 hours, so you’ll be super-duper grateful when you’re devouring it, and at this same meal it’s customary to eat such delectable delicacies as bacon, eggs, and fluffy baked things with maple syrup on them – why would you even want to hear about the other meals? Breakfast it is! Case closed.

Do Celebrities Love Breakfast Too?

How about taking a page out of President Obama’s playbook? Think you can accomplish as much in a day as Beyoncé? You’d better start packing away the egg whites and whole-grain cereal! Oh, and fruit smoothies with nuts and seeds are apparently the pathway to one, two, three, four, five, six … seven Super Bowls!

Okay, Okay, How Do I Get My Free Breakfast?

We’re so glad you asked. The maintenance team will be at the exit gates handing out breakfast to go on Thursday, March 25, beginning at 8:30am. We have a limited number of goodies, so come on out while the supplies last. Breakfast is kind of a big deal!

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