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Wine bottles at The Hawthorne apartment homes in Jacksonville Florida

Turn Old Wine Bottles Into New Wine Glasses


Empty wine bottles tend to be the result of fun times. And no sooner is a wine bottle emptied and thrown into the recycling bin. But no longer. Now, with a little time, effort, and bottle cutting you can turn those empty wine bottles into classy glassware in three easy steps.

Step 1: Pick the Wine Bottles

When it comes to wine, you probably have your go-to selections. And pouring wine out of a wine bottle, into a wine glass, made out of a previous bottle of the same wine is as meta as it gets. Best case scenario, you discover your new favorite Merlot. Worst case scenario, you get a cool wine glass out of the deal.

Consume the Contents of the Bottle

This part is pretty self explanatory, so we’ll just move on.

Cut the Bottle

Now, while there are do-it-yourself home methods to cut glass, it can be tedious and somewhat difficult so we suggest you purchase a bottle cutter kit. The kits run between 20-30 dollars, are incredibly easy to use, and allow you to choose the length of the bottles you're cutting.

Before you know it you’ll have a unique set of glassware. And when your collection is complete, you can give glasses out as gifts. Not to mention, those discarded top halves can be used for all sorts of home crafts as well. But that’s a story for another blog.

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