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Resident slacklining between palm trees at the beach near The Hawthorne in Jacksonville, Florida



Looking to enjoy the beautiful weather and longer days that summer brings, but hoping to avoid the crowds? Check out these unique and challenging new hobbies to keep your mind and body engaged.

Stone Sculpting

Stone sculpting is a relaxing and original way to release both creative and physical energy. With a few fundamental tools like hand carving chisels, hammers, files, safety goggles, and a quick online how-to course, a beginner sculptor can start creating beautiful masterpieces on their own patio.

Sand Art

If you’re one of those people who loves to spend time on Jacksonville’s beautiful beaches, but gets bored just lying in the sun, sand art might be for you. All you need is sand, water, time, and some creativity. We recommend starting small with something like a simple castle and work your way up to greatness.

Flying Drones

Looking for a less active hobby and willing to make a small investment? Flying drones can be both exciting and useful. Be sure to check out the FAA’s rules and tips here before getting started. Then, you can be well on your way to using your drone to get some great aerial pictures.


Slacklining doesn’t have to be an extreme sport to be fun and exhilarating. Just strap your slackline between two anchors like palm trees on the beach and give it a try. You’ll soon find your core strength and balance skills improving while you have fun. Check out Slackline US for some basic tips.

Whether your new pursuit is meant to engage your body, mind, or creative energy, we hope you make the most of the Jacksonville summer to develop a new hobby that will leave your friends amazed. For more hobby inspiration, head over to our blog page today!