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You’ve dreamed of your epic trip for years – curating a library of pins so that when you do go, you’ll know what to do. And now the time has come to execute on your planned adventure, but where do you start? Here are our tips on how to plan the adventure of a lifetime.

Research Your Destination

Even though you may have collected a lot of information over the months or years you’ve been thinking about your epic travel spot, you still need to dig in and discover. Taking the time to research the greater region – how to get there and things to do – and the exact city – where to stay and the area’s culture – will deliver in spades once you set foot in the locale. Look into unique museums, hidden-away gems to explore, or noted haunts of famous writers – like St. Petersburg’s Kunstkamera museum, which houses Peter the Great’s exceptional collection of curiosities, or the Australian town of Coober Pedy, where most residents live below ground in homes called dugouts.

Take Screenshots & Download Maps

Once you’ve discovered the yet-to-be-discovered aspects of your destination, be sure to capture the information somewhere for later use. A screenshot of a website or image of a map stored on your phone are a good way to recall the needed info on the spot.

Define a Daily Budget

Having a defined budget on what you have to spend on daily meals, room stays, cultural experiences, and one-of-a-kind souvenirs will ensure you have enough funds to enjoy the destination you’ve spent so much time thinking about.

Keep a Few Days of Your Itinerary Blank

While having a plan is always a good idea, leaving a few days unscheduled allows for spontaneous adventures. The kind of experiences that are serendipitous and always perfect and incredibly memorable.

Most of all, have fun! This is the adventure of a lifetime and you should enjoy the fruits of your labor before you return and figure out your next epic journey.

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