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Woman eating healthy Chinese takeout on the floor of The Hawthorne



From greasy takeout bags to heartburn and upset stomachs, eating out can be hard on your health. Here is a handy guide for avoiding unhealthy ingredients at your favorite restaurants.

Ask for Less Oil

One of the easiest swaps to make when getting food at a restaurant is to ask your server for less oil in your meal. While not all eateries can handle this request due to pre-portioned or packaged ingredients, any restaurant serving freshly made food would be able to accommodate. Saving you easily 100 calories or more and passing up on fewer saturated fats, this is a go-to healthy swap.

Pass on the Fried Appetizers

This one is along the same lines as asking for less oil, but really, you’re just completely avoiding the greasy fried foods in general by passing up on these apps. Instead, pick a hummus plate, fresh spring rolls, soup, salad, bread and butter, dips, or baked options. P.F. Chang’s has some amazing apps to try, including their chili-garlic green beans, edamame, or the Chang’s vegetarian lettuce wraps.

Go for a Bowl Instead of a Burrito

We’ve all heard this one: Have a burrito bowl instead of an actual burrito and skip the tortilla. Well, if you want to leave behind an extra 300-plus calories and extra carbohydrates, then this should be a no-brainer! Plus, sans the soggy tortilla, getting a bowl makes for better leftovers.

Try Poké Instead of a Heavy Entrée

When it comes to healthy eating, Asian-style dining is your best bet at finding nourishing and delicious swaps for your meal. Ever had a poké bowl before? If not, you’ve got to check out the build-your-own bowl at Bento Asian Kitchen + Sushi.

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