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Lemur clinging to its habitat at the Jacksonville Zoo near The Hawthorne in Jacksonville, Florida



Not far from The Hawthorne is a destination offering the only walking safari in northeast Florida.

We're talking about the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, and it strives to provide an appreciation of wildlife through innovative experiences in a caring environment.

The zoo home is home to more than 2,000 rare and exotic animals, and exhibits include:

Land of the Tiger

Land of the Tiger is the newest exhibit, and it's where visitors can take a walk through Asia. It spans 2.5 acres, and along the way, animals will include Sumatran tigers, Asian small-clawed otters, and Visayan warty pigs.

Wild Florida

Also spanning 2.5 acres, Wild Florida features an array of native plants and animals. One of the highlights is the whooping crane, which stands five feet tall. This species is the tallest bird in North America, and it's named for its whooping sound.

Range of the Jaguar

The Range of the Jaguar is a two-time award-winning South American exhibit. In addition to watching the howler monkeys swing from the trees, visitors can also explore the Lost Temple to see Amazon tree boa constructors, poison dart frogs, and cotton-topped tamarins.

Giraffe Overlook

The Giraffe Overlook features an elevated platform that brings everyone eye-to-eye with reticulated giraffes. The animals graze freely, and visitors can enjoy feeding them leaves while discovering interesting facts about this fascinating species. The overlook also provides picturesque views across the replicated Savanna.

Along with offering exhibits, the zoo is also in the process of creating a first-of-its-type botanical garden. Several gardens are already complete, including Asian Bamboo, Rivers of Color, and Gardens of Trout River Plaza.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is just one of the outdoor attractions near our apartment community. If you are searching for a place to call home, please contact us. Our friendly leasing agents would love to give you a tour.