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Woman in a blue wig wearing a black pointed hat and holding an orange bat mask up to her face.



Halloween is fast approaching, and if you haven’t thought of a cool costume yet, don’t fret! Here are a few simple ideas you can use to DIY a unique Halloween costume this year.


If you have a light green dress or sweater, a headband, and some yarn, you can easily DIY a cactus costume. Use clusters of white yarn as your prickles, and then make flower poofs out of colored yarn. Here are some DIY tips courtesy of StudioDIY to perfect the look.

Candy Corn

A candy corn costume is an easy and fast DIY option for any level of tailor. Take white, yellow, and orange fabric and sew them in blocks onto a tunic or dress to mimic the iconic candy. Purchase a white funnel and a bit of string to create a pointed hat to complete the candy corn shape, and you’re good to go.

The Bread Winner

If you’re looking for a clever costume idea, “The Bread Winner” is a great go-to. Wear your comfiest athleisure wear, and buy some fake medals and a bag of bread. You’ll at least get a few laughs.

Forest Animal

Forest animals are easy to DIY. You can wear a brown sweater, make a headband out of twigs and fake flowers, and add a little makeup for a cute deer outfit. For a less popular animal idea, try a bat! Grab a black hooded sweatshirt and an umbrella. Here is a quick how-to on turning an umbrella into bat wings and ears and sewing them to your black sweatshirt.

But That’s None of My Business

a Kermit meme costume? With some colored construction paper and hot glue, you can place a Kermit collar on a light green piece of clothing. Grab a bag of Lipton tea and a clear mug, and your costume is ready to go. Anytime you find yourself in a conversation you want out of, all you have to do is say, “But that’s none of my business,” and walk away. It’s a great costume and a helpful party tool.

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