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Man doing a trick on a skateboard in Jacksonville, Florida near The Hawthorne



Jacksonville is one of the biggest and most popular cities in Florida. However, despite the fact that the city has spent a considerable amount of time in the spotlight, there are still some fun facts most people don’t know about Jax. We’ve rounded up the ultimate list of our top six Jax tidbits that might surprise you.

Home to the Oldest Outdoor Skate Park in the U.S.

Since 1977, Kona Skatepark, in the Arlington neighborhood, has been one of the most iconic skateboarding parks in the world. Skaters all around the globe travel here to experience it first-hand.

Hurricane Hotspot? Not So Much.

Known for being a hurricane hub, Florida has experienced over 500 of them since 1851. However, Jax has only been hit by a hurricane once since 1871.

Public Park Central

Jax runs the nation's largest urban public parks system in the U.S., featuring more than 335 locations and covering more than 80,000 acres of territory. Check out this epic list and visit the best ones in the state!

Jax’s Elevation

Jacksonville is only 16 feet above sea level.

Theater Facts

The Sun-Ray Cinema is a historic venue dating back to 1927 and was noted as the first movie theater in the state with the capability to show movies with sound. Plus, Elvis Presley performed his first indoor concert as a headlining act in 1956 at the Jacksonville Florida Theater.

Rich History

Founded in the summer of 1564, Jacksonville was also the site of some of the first European settlements in America, including the first French settlement, Fort Caroline. The oldest pottery remnants ever unearthed in the U.S. were found in Jax, dating back to around 2500 BC.

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