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Man resting from hard workout with headphones on and hands on his knees



Ahh, the beach… Gorgeous views, the sound of waves crashing, soft sand under your feet – what better place to take your outdoor workout to than the Florida coastline. Whether you’re into HIIT, yoga, jogging, or just strolling with your pup along the shoreline, here are five reasons to take your workout to the beach.

1. It Helps With Grounding

Grounding -or also known as earthing- is when the soles of your feet are exposed to the earth’s surface. Ions from the earth’s energy are absorbed into your body, which in-turn helps strengthen your immune system, reduce pain, aid in wound healing, and so many other amazing benefits.

If you are going barefoot on the beach, just be sure to ease into it with your new workout routine. Too much abrasion from the sand can lead to some serious blisters!

2. Increased Balance

Exercising on an uneven surface, like the sand, is a perfect way to help your body with balance performance. Try yoga or even just jog at a light pace a few times a week on the sand and watch your balance improve!

3. Improved Muscle Strength

Working out on the beach means you’re moving your muscles in ways unlike the usual even surface, like at home, the gym, or outdoors on solid ground. You’ll really feel a difference in muscle performance on the sand.

4. Better Hormone Production

Natural sunlight helps stabilize our hormone functions and balances our brain’s chemical responses. Getting in a morning workout (sans the sunglasses) has a profound impact on the way our body produces healthy hormones in the brain.

5. Decreased Impact

Soft sand means a softer impact when hitting the ground. Aim for getting your sprints, jogging, or running on the sand to reduce impact on your joints.

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