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Overhead view of a young woman planting a cactus in a pot, with other plants, soil, and gardening tools laying on the counter around her.

4 Uncommon Houseplants That are Also Low-Maintenance


If you’re a plant lover but you’re also a trendsetter and not a follower, you’re probably a little sick of seeing the same plants pop up in people’s homes and Insta-stories over and over. But what’s more unique and has a wow factor, but is still low-maintenance? Because let’s be honest, having to spend more time caring for your plants each day than caring for yourself, gets old fast (looking at you fiddle-leaf fig)! Check out these four houseplants that stand out from the crowd, but are hard to kill.

Monkey Mask

The Monkey Mask plant or Monstera adansonii is an interesting alternative to the classic split-leaf monstera you see EVERYWHERE. Also known as Swiss cheese plant, it has holes instead of splits and a striking sculptural shape that are instant attention-getters. Best of all, it’s very easy to grow, even in indirect sunlight.

Living Stones/Pebble Plants

If you love succulents, check out living stones or lithops. These unusual flowering plants seriously look like little rocks. Or maybe cloven hooves or small dinosaur eggs that split down the middle to allow a small, delicate flower to emerge. They come in a variety of colors, are slow growing, and require little care and infrequent watering (and no watering at all while they’re dormant from fall to spring). Yay!

Zigzag Cactus

Zigzag cactus (Disocactus anguliger) is often also called the mini fishbone cactus. This fun plant starts out with an upright growth habit, but develops more of a trailing habit as it matures, so it’s great for hanging baskets or high spots in your home. Its name comes from the alternating pattern of leaves down long, central spines that resemble ric rac sewing trim or a fish skeleton. It has beautiful bright pink flowers when it blooms. It requires minimal care, so even a black thumb can probably keep this fellow alive.

Rippled Peperomia

An extremely easygoing plant, the rippled peperomia (Peperomia caperata) has unusual foliage with grooved purple leaves, and also produces spiky flowers in summer. It comes in a number of varieties with different colored foliage, including deep emerald green, burgundy, and more. It grows well in low to bright, indirect light and just needs to be watered around once a week. Easy!

Have fun with these new plants and any others you discover along the way. For even more lifestyle tips, check out The Hawthorne blog.