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Resident couple reading our blog from a blanket fort in their new home at Mirador & Stovall at River City in Jacksonville, Florida

You’re Never Too Old: Building the Best Blanket Fort


Whether you’re an essential worker out on the front lines every day or you have been working from the comfort of your home with other people, we can all agree on the need for personal space. Embrace your inner child with these tips on creating the ultimate blanket fort.


The perfect location for your fort will depend on how long you want it to stay up. If this is a long-term hidey-hole, choose a quiet corner of your home that isn’t regularly utilized. For a one-time, Friday night event, go ahead and take over your entire living room.


The bigger the blankets, sheets, and tablecloths the better – this will allow you to tuck edges under and around furniture for stability. Large books set on chairs and tables can secure your blankets and be used to pin the edges to the ground. Don’t forget comfort items like plush pillows, blankets for curling up in, and solid surfaces for setting up your laptop, a soft lamp, or your favorite bottle of wine. Want to take it to the next level? Grab some tent poles out of storage to shape a peaked ceiling in your fort, or add twinkle lights to create great ambience.

Set up

The most important decision to make prior to actually building your fort is capacity. Do you intend to share this with someone for a cozy movie-watching experience? Will your pets be snuggled up next to you? Or is this your very own sanctum, built to block out the world while you listen to your favorite playlist and sip a smooth rosé?

Whatever your purpose for constructing your blanket sanctuary, these tips will get you on your way. For more tips and tricks on acting like a child, visit the Mirador & Stovall at River City blog.


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