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looking at art in a museum in Jacksonville

You Absolutely Must Check Out This Amazing Museum in Jacksonville

Celebrate the Arts at This Museum in Jacksonville

What started as Ninah Cummer's personal art collection is now one of the biggest art museums in North Florida. You can explore the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens after just a quick drive from our apartments in Jacksonville. Plan your day and take advantage of this awesome museum in Jacksonville and its offerings.

Lectures and Events

The museum has a jam-packed calendar of all types of events. There are interesting lectures focusing on a range of topics. Some programs offer guided tours and discussions of carefully selected artwork. Best of all, you can even take a break wherever you are and join a virtual tour or conversation. To join any of the great events, call the museum to register.

Hands-on Classes

Join in on the creativity when you take a class at the museum. Learn techniques like drawing, shading, composition, and more from local artists. Be sure to register and check the materials list before joining. Classes vary in price and some require bringing your own materials.

Exhibits and Collections

Spend an enriching time viewing the permanent exhibits and special collections. With over 5,000 pieces of art, there's bound to be something different at every visit. At the Frieseke in Florida exhibition, check out the Impressionist works of Frederick Carl Frieseke. He moved to the Jacksonville area in the late 1800s as a child. Later in adulthood, he used his time here as the subject of a series of paintings and watercolors. His are just a snapshot of the stories and histories that the artwork shares.

When you're looking for things to do besides heading to the museum, try fun group activities in Jacksonville. With everything from art to nature close by, you'll want to make our apartments in Jacksonville home. Contact us today to schedule a tour.


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