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A smiling woman hanging pictures on a white interior wall to decorate her home.



From that commissioned portrait of your pup in your gallery wall to a set of botanical prints above your sofa, artwork is energy in your space – and it tells a story. Keep reading to see how you can perk up your place with some fresh art that matches your personal style.

What’s Your Interior Style?

Before you go buying new art, take note of what your overall interior style is. If you’re not sure where you land, take this fun HGTV quiz to find out! Look around your space and see what kind of style you lean toward – is it more modern, boho-chic, eclectic? Then ask yourself if you want to stick with that style or head in a different direction. Take a quick trip through Google images or Pinterest by searching for your specific design preference to get a feel for what you’ll be looking for in a piece of art.

Match Your Style

Based on your personal aesthetic preferences – or from the results of the quiz above –, you know what you’re working with when it comes to your interior style. All you need to do now is find the accompanying artwork.

For the midcentury mod look, check out these gorgeous geometric prints. If you’re more into boho-chic, go for a line drawing, like this beauty. For those who prefer to bring the outdoors in, add a botanical-themed print set. If glam or moody is more your style, try black and white photography.

Stick With a Theme

Your home should feel cohesive. From your bathroom and bedroom to your entryway and your living room, all the spaces should feel as if they’re connected. So say goodbye to themed rooms and say hello to a beautifully coordinated home. Select art pieces that flow well into each area of your home and carry that theme throughout.

Personalize It

If you’re a total beach-goer and your interior style is midcentury modern, then really personalize it with an abstract ocean print or this surfer print. For the ultimate boho flair, add this handcrafted wall piece above your sofa or bed. Remember, artwork doesn’t have to be a framed painting or photograph – it can also be wood carvings, woven baskets, or hanging macrame, and much more.

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