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Spend an Afternoon at Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park

Enjoy Fresh Air and Learn All About Local History at Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park

We're surrounded by so much nature in Jacksonville, from beautiful beaches to stunning outdoor recreational areas. The next time you want to take a quick drive to disconnect from your day to day, there is one place near Mirador & Stovall that fits the bill. Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park is right around the corner from our apartments in Jacksonville and offers the following activities.

Learn About History

When you step onto the park grounds, you are experiencing a part of history. That's because, during the Civil War, Yellow Bluff Fort was an important military defense site and embankment for the St. Johns River. All kinds of troops from both the Confederate and the Union were stationed here to defend the area using a range of firearms including howitzers, which are a cross between cannons and mortars.

Today, you can walk the grounds and see some historical artifacts like cannons and even behold the huge trench, up to 15 feet wide and 10 feet deep, that still surrounds the park.

Enjoy a Nature Walk or Run

Another way to check out this lovely park is to simply behold nature and wildlife on a walk or run. You might see pileated woodpeckers or the spry red foxes! What's more, you can bring your dog on a leash to trot alongside you while you take in the park. 

Have a Picnic

After a nature walk or history lesson thanks to markers and artifacts, enjoy a picnic meal. You can sit at one of the picnic tables and listen to the birds chirping as you munch away. Make your meal a simple sandwich or grab some pastries and coffee. Go all out and pack classic picnic food like fried chicken and potato salad. No matter what you eat, the atmosphere will clear your mind and ground you with a moment of reflection.

You can grab sweet treats from a local bakery for your walk around Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park in Jacksonville. For a tour of Mirador & Stovall, contact us. We would love to show you around our Jacksonville apartments and answer all your questions.


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