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Woman gift wrapping on her table



Count on this handy guide to get you through this gift giving season when it comes to wrapping your gifts. Keep reading to learn some awesome tips and tricks and you’ll be gift-wrapping like a pro.

It’s All About the Supplies

Sharp scissors, festive paper designs, gift tags, double-sided tape, matching bows and ribbons – the small stuff counts when it comes to a beautifully wrapped gift.

Don’t just throw together some crinkly paper from last year and slap on a previously-used, miss-matched bow on top. Spend a few bucks, even with a quick trip to the Dollar Tree, and pick up fresh supplies. Trust us, it really makes a difference (especially that double-sided tape).

Even brown kraft paper can make a gorgeous gift presentation with a little effort on its exterior design. Check out these stunning ideas to really take your gift-wrapping skills to the next level.

Wrap it Up!

For a square or rectangular box, this wrap job will be one of the easiest there is. We could give you a step-by-step written tutorial, but better yet, this video offers a helpful visual reference to follow along with. Plus, they even have tips on how to wrap those awkwardly-shaped gifts!

Avoid Prying Eyes

Living with significant others, kiddos, and roomies can make wrapping gifts a total feat! But fret not, we've got you (and your gifts) covered. Just bring your supplies and packages and set up shop at our very own gift wrapping station in the Mirador & Stovall at River City clubhouse – available to use during open business hours until December 23rd.

For more festive things to see and do around Jax, be sure to read our other blog posts today!


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