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If it looks like you’ll be in your “temporary” home office for even longer than planned, or if you’ve decided you’d like to keep working from home indefinitely, Mirador & Stovall at River City apartments in Northside Jacksonville, Florida, has some handy tips to set up your home workspace for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Location, Location, Location

If you have a dedicated office with a door that closes – lucky you! But even if you don’t, you can still find a spot that minimizes noise and distractions as much as possible. Consider the hours you’re typically working and how that syncs (or not) with the schedules and traffic flow of others in your household. Also be honest about your own ability to resist distractions. Based on this, perhaps a corner of your bedroom will provide the most privacy, or maybe your living or dining area will work just fine. If you’re short on space, a slim desk right behind a sofa, in the dead space at the end of a hallway, or even inside a closet can be surprisingly functional.

Comfort is King

Working at your breakfast bar or slouched on your sofa and table might be fine once in a while, but it could be a real pain in the neck (and back) over the long term. A comfortable office chair is a wise investment, along with a desk or table that’s a good height and has enough room for your frequently used equipment, paperwork, and supplies. Standing or convertible desks might also be worth considering (and can help fight off the dreaded CORONA-15 weight gain). You can always check thrift stores, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace if you don’t want to pay full retail prices.

Organize & Beautify

Assess your home office storage and organizational needs. Perhaps invest in (or make, if you’re crafty) some nice file bins and desk accessories to keep everything tidy and accessible. You can create extra space (and free up room on your desk) by utilizing hanging baskets, racks, and shelves. Modular storage is good if you’ll need to expand or modify your system over time. And you can make it inviting with some pops of color or one or two eye-catching items, like a funky desk lamp, cheerful wall art, or a patterned magnet board. Take a look at some aspirational design magazines or websites. Even if you don’t have a lot of space or money, you can adapt and scale some of the ideas from those fancy setups for your own office nook.

Have fun creating or reorganizing your home office so you can get the job done every day. Visit our blog for more great life hacks.


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