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Young man wearing glasses and a maroon sweater opening a wrapped gift while seated on the floor next to a white dresser and Christmas tree



Feeling maxed out on genuine gift-giving? Short on the sincerity you need to share another framed photo? Never fear: Gag gifts are here! Check out these five can’t-miss holiday gift ideas guaranteed to get laughs at your holiday gatherings.

Curvy Pillow

Where does the perfect balance lie between a gift that gets some laughs and a gift the recipient will actually use? We don’t know, but it very well could be the booty-shaped pillow. Imagine your dear friend or family member resting their head on a cushy bum wearing stretchy yoga pants. The mental picture is a gift in itself!

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes

Nothing says the holidays like weird candy you don’t want to eat. If someone stuck you with a womp-womp gift last year, return the favor with some mac-and-cheese-flavored candy canes. You can really taste the Velveeta!

Questionable Candle

If you’re scrounging for a gift idea at the last minute, you can never go wrong with a nice scented candle. Consider the hearty masculine tones of a Gasoline Candle or the festive ambiance of a Nacho Cheese Candle. Feeling bold? Cut right to the chase with an aggressive Vomit Candle.

Chainsaw Carving Knife

Goodbye, lame old carving knife with yellowing plastic handle. Hello, awesome carving knife that looks like a chainsaw. Turkey has no chance!

Anything in a Prank Box

You might find yourself asking, “What if I would be disowned for giving something that awful?” Good news! You don’t have to be 100% committed to a gag gift in order to get some laughs. Maybe even consider giving the folks on your list what they want – but you have to make them sweat a little first. Go ahead and buy that dress for the lucky lady. Just make her think she’s opening a bicycle seat belt or fingertip toilet brushes instead! It’s the best of both worlds.

Looking for more holiday fun? Check out our Mirador & Stovall at River City blog for yummy seasonal recipes and cool seasonal events happening around Jacksonville.


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