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Close-up of an ax with a target in the background.



Ax throwing is all the rage. Something about hurling a heavy medieval weapon at a target is satisfying, especially if you can do so in front of your friends while enjoying a cold beverage.  It’s so big that Jacksonville now has three venues within a 10 mile radius of downtown. If ax throwing isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered. Eyeball our list of venues for group activities in Jacksonville and get the gang together. 

Ax Throwing 

  • Autobahn Axe Throwing. Originally a venue for go-karting (hence the name), Autobahn added ax throwing, so now you can do both. Arcade games and an onsite restaurant make for a full day of fun. 

  • Axe Champs. The closest option to downtown, they are ax throwing only. They serve beer and nonalcoholic drinks, but you have to order food from elsewhere. 

  • Class Axe. This bring-your-own everything establishment also offers five-minute group escape experiences. 

Equally trendy, escape rooms require more brains than brawn, perfect for the sleuth-lovers in your crew. 

  • Prototype Escape Games. Prototype provides one-hour escape experiences with four different themes to choose from. Each game has multiple rooms.

  • Breakout Games. Breakout provides seven different games with themes ranging from a kidnapping to a casino.

  • The Escape Game. Offering five different themes, The Escape Room’s “Rule the School” room won an award for best escape room. Note that they will put you with other groups unless you upgrade to a private experience. 

Group Pedaling 

Get a little exercise, socialize, and see the sites all at the same time with these ingenious group cycle vehicles.

  • Kraken Cycle Boats. Here, your group sits at a table and pumps the pedals to power a large paddle-wheel at the back of the boat. 

  • Pedal Pub. See the sights or visit the bars aboard the Pedal Pub, which, despite its name, requires you to bring your own. 

Other Adventures 

Here are a couple more for you to check out. 

  • Top Golf. A golf range on steroids.  

  • Go Tuk’n. Climb aboard one of these golf cart-like vehicles for an art tour, history tour, or scavenger hunt. 

Want to find other local events and adventures? Keep an eye on our blog.


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