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A gray and brown tabby cat gearing up to play in a white cat tunnel.



With their active minds and energetic natures, cats love to play. You can keep your four-legged friend entertained whether you are home or not, thanks to all the latest pet toys making their way onto the market. Here are a few to try with your feline friend.

KONG Dangle Teaser

It might be one of the simplest cat toys on the market, but they’re a classic for a reason – cats absolutely love them. They also happen to be a great opportunity to bond with your kitty. This particular brand fills their toys with catnip to give cats added stimulation. Have fun teasing your cat with this toy and watching how much they enjoy trying to catch it.

YVE Life Interactive Laser Toy

This is a great toy that your cat can play with even when they are alone. It runs by battery and has an adjustable zone so you can make the field of play as large or small as you like. It will turn on automatically to keep your cat stimulated throughout the day – whether you are home or not.

Wool Cat Toys with Catnip

These fun toys are incredibly cute, inspired by kids’ stuffed animals. They look like the perfect toys to inspire a kitty cuddle, but don’t be fooled – they’re filled with catnip, which means they will keep your cat on their toes, batting these little toys around the room with delight.

Fox Den Automatic Cat Toy

This toy features a cute little fox tail that wags when it detects motion, providing your cat with hours and hours of fun. It operates on a battery and your cat can enjoy it even when you’re not home.

Tunnel of Fun

Give your cat a playground of their own – but one that doesn’t take up a huge amount of space in your home. This three-way tunnel also includes crackle paper, a peep hole, and a ball toy. It’s made of resilient polyester, which means it won’t be easily destroyed by sharp nails. And best of all, it’s collapsible so you can easily store it when you don’t want to use it.

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