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At the end of April, the opening of the NFL Draft will mark a merciful end to football’s quietest months, ushering in a new wave of frenzied optimism about what the upcoming season could hold – and no fan base has more reason to be excited than the Jacksonville Jaguars’ faithful. To help get you fired up, here are four reasons why projected first overall pick Trevor Lawrence will change everything about football in Jacksonville.

Lawrence Looks the Part

Not only does Trevor Lawrence play football exceptionally well, but he does it in style. Dubbed a “Fabio-coiffed John Elway,” Lawrence navigates the field with a model’s grace, his long, luscious locks brushing his shoulder pads as he moves deftly around the pocket, decisively picking out receivers as if delivering an array of killer looks from the runway. Of course, being classically good-looking and effortlessly stylish doesn’t mean you’ll be successful as a professional player, but it does mean you get more attention. In the new world of professional sports, where image rules, Lawrence will bring a panache and intrigue to the Jaguars the likes of which this franchise has never seen.

Lawrence Has a Chance at Superstardom

Widely considered the best quarterback prospect to come out of college since Andrew Luck in 2012, Lawrence delivers elite talent to the Jaguars – a franchise that, since its inaugural season in 1995, has not had a superstar at any position, much less at quarterback. Three-time Pro Bowler Mark Brunell is the best passer Jacksonville has ever had, and the others who have held the job are a less-than-distinguished group: Rob Johnson, Jamie Martin, David Garrard, Blaine Gabbert, Quinn Gray, and Chad Henne, to name a few. 

Enter Trevor Lawrence – who boasts uncommon polish to his game, high-end athleticism, top-tier arm strength and accuracy, and football smarts – a well-rounded player with the kind of upside that could change everything for this franchise.

Lawrence Plays to Win


As Herm Edwards reminds us in his immortal words, “You play to win the game!” And Trevor Lawrence doesn’t just play the game to play it. As a three-year starter at Clemson, Lawrence led his team to a record of 29-3 during that stretch, making the College Football Playoff every year, and winning it once. Lawrence is the kind of talent that could lead the Jaguars to their first playoff appearance since 2017 and their first sustained run of success since the late ’90s. For a franchise that has struggled to establish itself on the national landscape even with some success, the arrival of Lawrence’s star power, leadership, and on-field talent could be a turning point. He’s a winning player, and while he’ll need great play around him to find success in the NFL, he alone gives reason to be hopeful.

Lawrence Can Drive the Bandwagon

Once he’s selected first in the NFL Draft, and throughout his rookie season, Trevor Lawrence will get the kind of national attention no other Jags player has received. The national spotlight has a way of galvanizing the local fan base, and that means local excitement for the Jaguars will be at an all-time high. Expect new fans, younger fans, and more interest than ever. If Lawrence can start his career off well, drawing national and global recognition, then Jacksonville will be wild with football fever. Go Jags!

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