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Virtual Book Club

If you find yourself filling idle time by reading through the New York Times bestseller lists at record speeds, take it a step further and start a virtual book club. This can be done similar to a traditional book club with assigned reading and weekly meetings. Just make the meeting virtual using your favorite video meeting platform, pour a glass of your favorite wine, and chat “face-to-face” about topics covered in the novel. Other options for people who can’t quite get schedules to sync may include creating a book club facebook group, a Marco-Polo app group video chat, or even a simple group text.

Performing Arts

Consider yourself a budding performer who has just been held back by time constraints and that pesky “day-job?” Now is the time to try your hand at a musical instrument, dance your way to fitness, perfect a stand-up comedy routine, and sing a few bars of your favorite songs--- or just find out what exactly “a few bars” means. Turn your passions into real talent by taking online classes in your genre of choice.

Opt Outside

There is no better time than now to visit your local parks, trails, rivers, and lakes. Hiking or walking with friends allows you to catch up and chat while maintaining social distancing and soaking in the beauty of the natural world. You may even meet new friends as you kayak on your favorite body of water or bike down a local trail.


Take your paparazzi tendencies beyond selfies with your phone. Invest in a real camera, take a few classes online, and discover the beauty of the world through the camera’s eye. You can explore indoors and outdoors while you find your vision, observe the world’s natural allure, learn about humanity’s quirks, and read people’s body language like a pro.

A little creativity and willingness to try new things is all it takes for extroverts to stay connected and engaged. For more intriguing hobby ideas, head over to our blog page today.


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