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Glass of amber-colored beer sitting on a wooden table surrounded by orange pumpkins and autumn leaves



Sure, there’s no bad time of year to drink beer, but fall and beer have an indisputably special connection. Something just feels right about sipping on a cold one as the weather turns, well, a little less hot. Autumn is also prime time for seasonal craft brews, from ciders to Oktoberfests to our favorite – pumpkin beer. To get you in the mood for everything fall, here are four can’t-miss Jacksonville pumpkin brews to try this year. Imbibe while they last!

This Is Not a Pumpkin Beer by Southern Swells

No trip to Jacksonville Beach is complete without a stop at Southern Swells. A newer player in the Jacksonville craft beer scene, they’ve been concocting delicious and creative IPAs, sours, and stouts since they opened in 2017. And while they’re clear about the fact that This Is Not a Pumpkin Beer is actually not a pumpkin beer, we’re categorizing it here against its will. A seasonal favorite, this spiced ale fits right in with its purer pumpkin counterparts and delivers a spicy punch that will stick with you.

Pumpkin Ale by Bold City Brewery

Jacksonvillians citywide were celebrating Aug. 18 – and not just on account of National Fajita Day. That was the day local favorite Bold City Brewery released their Pumpkin Ale, unofficially starting the fall seasonal brew party. Their iteration is a well-rounded pumpkin beer with a beautiful amber color, tastefully flavored with a nice blend of spices, and not too sweet or overwhelming with pumpkin. In other words: Everything you want in a pumpkin beer. You can check out Bold City on Rosselle Street or at their downtown location on East Bay Street.

Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace Pumpkin Quad by Wicked Barley Brewing Company

Feeling a little spicy yourself? Mix it up and try something a bit different at Wicked Barley Brewing Company, where they serve up anything but timid brews. The Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace Pumpkin Quad offers a perfect case in point. Released on Oct. 1, this Belgian-style quad brings plenty of heft with its 11% ABV, but at the same time, its incorporation of light pumpkin spice is almost delicate. While it’s not a beer to be trifled with, it will more than satisfy the daring beer drinker hearty enough to meet its beady eyes.

Liquid Oz by Tabula Rasa Brewing

If ever a pumpkin buzz there was the Liquid Oz is one because, because, because, because, because, because… eh, we might have forgotten after drinking too much Liquid Oz. Just trust us and make a trip to the family-owned Tabula Rasa Brewing in the Rail Yard District. Have a seat somewhere in the beautiful green space to enjoy their richly colored and perfectly blended pumpkin and yam beer in our milder fall temperatures.

Happy Fall to All!

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