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Man holding cat, wearing mask with the cat’s face on it.



The year 2020 will always be known for two things – the year everyone adopted a pet, and the year memes were often the only thing that got you through the day. Obviously, those are the events of note. For a few minutes, take a break and enjoy a fun distraction the team at Mirador & Stovall at River City curated just for you – pet memes we can’t get enough of.

While it would be easy to start with one of the original and most celebrated pet memes, Grumpy Cat, her popularity has waned over the years. The start of the pet meme era centered around the likes of Grumpy, Keyboard Cat, and Boo the Dog. RIP to all three of them. Their successors have taken the genre to an even higher level, with Photoshop and the merging of memes really upping the ante.

Pun Husky

There is nothing more obnoxious than the person at a party who constantly makes puns. Especially when that person is your dad. However, when the person making the pun is actually an adorable husky puppy … how can you be mad? While this pun dog’s popularity peaked a few years ago, people have not stopped using him to share their unbearable jokes. It does lighten the cheese factor. Take a look at some of the best Pun Husky memes we found.

Crying Cat

Crying Cat is not just one cat. Crying Cat is all of us. You are Crying Cat. I am Crying Cat. The meme is a simple Photoshop trick that applies teary, glassy cat eyes onto cats in any position. It features fat cats lounging on the floor, cats cuddling under the covers, and even cats with a stick of butter on them. Regardless of the execution, there is something about the meme everyone can relate to, which is why it is one of the memes we can’t get enough of. With roots dating back to 2014, Crying Cat is actually gaining popularity again, and it is not hard to believe why.

Woman Yelling at Cat

Our absolute favorite pet meme right now is the woman yelling at cat meme. It is actually a combination of two memes, one a still image from the Real Housewives series, the other a confused cat upset about a plate of vegetables. Somewhere along the line, the two images became correlated, and the results were hilarious. The meme has taken over the internet, and hilarious internet users find endless ways to refresh the joke every time. Oprah Magazine goes more in depth on the history of the meme and highlights a few favorites.

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