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At its heart, fashion is all about expressing yourself through your own personal style. Fashion magazines are a great way to gather ideas and learn how to incorporate different concepts into your own individual look. Whether you’re old school and appreciate the tactile pleasures of flipping through a physical magazine or prefer getting your fashion advice online – or a combination of both – you’re sure to find the inspiration you need to look your best in these three fashion magazines.


A staple in men’s fashion, GQ is an international monthly magazine that has been setting and chronicling trends in men’s style and culture for nearly nine decades. If you are drawn to a more classic look, adapted for modern trends, you can pick up a lot of solid advice here. While many of the ideas feature designer brands, you can easily find similar clothes at a more affordable price or just wait for discounts and buy off season.


Looking to expand your horizons? The superbly named Popeye, a Tokyo magazine established in 1976, focuses primarily on urban and youth culture. Think of this as a Japanese take on prep, street style, and minimalist aesthetics. A subscription to a monthly magazine in Japanese may not be all that helpful if you’re looking to read articles and don’t speak the language, you can always check out their website and Instagram for instant inspo.


If you’re looking for something cutting edge, Spanish zine Buffalo is filled with the sort of fun, color, and playfulness that you just don’t see that often in major publications. While not marketed exclusively toward men, Buffalo offers plenty of ideas here that anyone can draw inspiration from to add a little avant-garde twist to the everyday look.

No matter what your personal style is, we hope this gives you some ideas about where to look for ideas on how to express yourself creatively through what you wear. Be sure to check out the Mirador & Stovall at River City blog for more lifestyle tips and info on local events!.


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