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Close-up of neck and head of a giraffe at the Jacksonville Zoo

Walk On the Wild Side at the Jacksonville Zoo

Enjoy a Fun-Filled Day at the Jacksonville Zoo

Featuring animals from around the world, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is home to the only walking safari in Northeast Florida. It began welcoming visitors over 100 years ago. Today, approximately one million people walk through the gates annually, and a portion of every ticket sale supports conservation efforts. Here is some of what the zoo has to offer near our Jacksonville apartments:

Giraffe Overlook 

True to the exhibit's name, the Giraffe Overlook is home to reticulated giraffes. These tall animals reach heights between 13 and 16 feet and weigh around 2,600 pounds. In the wild, they feast on twigs, leaves, and tree bark. They consume up to 75 pounds of food daily and spend hours a day eating. 

Giant Otter 

Among the zoo's most popular residents, the giant otters made their public debut in 2019. They're known for their charming personalities and make 22 different sounds, including barks, squeaks, and screams. Their tails help them swim quickly. Giant river otters move easily underwater and can swim 330 feet in under 30 seconds. 

Art at the Zoo 

The zoo "values creativity in all forms." It features unique sculptures, literary display pieces, and towering monuments throughout its lush gardens. A highlight includes the Elephant Pair created by Peter Woytuk. Life-sized, they're found in Savanna Blooms, and together, they weigh nearly 15,000 pounds.

Palm Plaza Cafe 

When hunger strikes, head to the Palm Plaza Cafe. Found in the Range of the Jaguar area, this counter service-style restaurant serves delicious lunch offerings with a South American flair. You'll also find a selection of beer and frozen margaritas perfect for a hot Jacksonville day. 

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