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Close up of a woman eating sushi at a restaurant

Treat Your Tastebuds at These Jacksonville Sushi Restaurants

Finding a nearby restaurant is a gem if you're a sushi fan. And now is the time if you haven't tried this infamous Japanese dish of delectable fish and rice. There are several restaurants near our Jacksonville Apartments to explore. Here are the three top picks.

Fancy Sushi & Grill

This sushi restaurant does not call itself fancy for no reason. Their ambiance exudes a fine dining feel upon entrance. And there's even more elegance in their menu. They serve their sushi rolls in attractive presentations that instantly appeal to your taste buds. Options include large portions of fish, shrimp, lobster, and crab. You can order raw or cold based on your taste. Fancy Sushi & Grill offers many accompaniments and other dishes to enjoy alongside the sushi.

Kazu Sushi Burrito

Kazu Sushi Burrito is perfect if you want to experiment. Their delicious poke and sushi provide a fantastic Hawaiian-Japanese fusion. Even better, they allow you to personalize your poke dish. Just pick what flavors you prefer from their vast ingredient list. And they also make mouth-watering sushi fries. Don't be shy to visit them if you're a veggie fan. They serve various vegetarian and gluten-free options.

One Third Asian House

Cozy, clean, and huge portions are some of what you enjoy at One Third Asian House. Their sushi rolls are hot and fresh, with options to suit all diet preferences. They have it all, whether you want sushi as a starter or a main meal. Being family-owned, the owners are always around. Try these Italian restaurants when your palate craves a different cuisine. And to explore more that Jacksonville offers, consider moving into the neighborhood. Start by talking to us for a tour of our apartments at Lakeline at Bartram Park. We'll help you find your perfect home.