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 Close up of a women being massaged at a clinic

The Best Massage Clinics Around Jacksonville

A massage from a professional is a great option when you're looking to relax. With many offering a full hour of massage sessions, you can get the me time you need to unwind. Check out a clinic near our Jacksonville apartments for one of the best experiences.

Hana Spa and Massage

Hana Spa and Massage is a well-rated option in the area when you need a massage. They offer a personalized experience so you get the precise type of pressure and relief you're after. The therapist will start by leading a discussion to determine the type of care you require, focus areas you want them to worry about first, and precise technique you may enjoy or benefit from the most.

Zen Soma Massage & Wellness Center

The Zen Soma Massage & Wellness Center is made of several independent massage therapists. They each offer their own range of services, allowing you to book your appointment with the person who will benefit you the most. While some are well-versed in all massage techniques, others specialize in just a few types. Choose whether you prefer a deep tissue, Swedish, or sports massage, or if you need something special like hot stones or cupping.

Zazen Massage Therapy

With hours available daily, you can get into Zazen Massage Therapy much easier than many places with a more limited capacity. They specialize in a few massage types, including deep tissue, Thai, and foot massage. You can also choose to utilize their reflexology services that focus on all the major pressure points, or you can book a couple's massage for two.

With your mind and body relaxed from a peaceful massage, you should have no trouble getting out on a jet ski for some fun in the water. Several rental locations exist near our apartments in Jacksonville. Contact us to learn more about what's nearby Lakeline at Bartram Park, or to apply.