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April Fools’ Day letterboard



If you are looking for some wholesome April Fools’ Day pranks, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites. Whether pulling a fast one on your coworkers or kids, these jokes should have everyone laughing along. 

A Fun Work Prank

When it comes to workplace pranks, we think it’s best not to single anyone out, so we appreciate this silly food-based prank: Buy a box of donuts (or cake or cookies) for the office, swap its contents with a veggie tray and wait for the groans to begin. If you feel like pulling out the donuts later – it’s up to you. But we don’t think anybody will complain. 

Mealtime Trickery

Want to plan a funny breakfast, lunch, or dinner surprise? Pull a mealtime switcharoo with some of these awesome April Fools’ Day dishes. From delicious treats disguised as breakfast tacos and bagel sandwiches to lunch and dinner fakeouts like grilled cheese sandwiches, mini burgers with peas and carrots or pizza, these recipes will have everyone giggling as they clean their plates! 

Fun for Kiddos

Looking for April Fools’ ideas to surprise your kids? From funny food pranks like frozen cereal, googly-eyed lunchbox foods, and wormy apples, to faking out your little ones by pretending to grow donuts from seeds, this unofficial holiday offers numerous ways to surprise and delight young ones. 

At Cape House, we think April Fools’ Day jokes with a sweet twist are pranks everyone can get behind. Follow along with our blog for more fun tips, tidbits, and happenings!