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Appetizers at Cape House in Jacksonville, Forida



As the summer comes to a close, thus begins the best time of the year – football season. And as our beloved Jags suit up for the 26th time there are a lot of unknowns. But what is for sure is whatever happens, you’ll be watching. And while many of us won’t be attending live home games this year, there’s no reason we can’t enjoy the same kind of foods we’d be consuming in ITAA Bank stadium. So, whether you're watching alone or with friends, here are five takeout spreads that will help re-create that live game atmosphere.


While some NFL cites may not embrace the street taco as a mainstay of Sunday football, Jag fans sure do. In a sea of tough competition, TacoLu has managed to establish itself as one of the best with a plethora of tasty street taco choices and other traditional Latin dishes to keep you fueled and ready to cheer on the Jags to victory.

V Pizza

While not the 14-inch monster slices you can purchase at the stadium, V Pizza more than makes up for it with quality. With traditional Italian flair (even the ovens were made in Italy) V Pizza is guaranteed to add some panache to your game day meal plans.

Epik Burger

Sometimes nothing beats a good burger. Except maybe an epic one. Epik Burger lives up to its moniker with a litany of quality burger choices. Gluten bun? They got that. Vegan or salmon burger? They got that too. Classic angus beef or chicken? You bet. With the exception of maybe a bison burger – wait. What’s that? They have bison too? Of course they do.

BB’s Restaurant

It’s not uncommon to be at a Jags home game and see fans chowing down on a bowl of tasty jambalaya. A precarious choice to be sure. Less so if you’re ordering from BB’s Restaurant. And not just because you’ve got the use of all those flat surfaces at home. Oh no, my friend. It’s because BB’s has taken an already great tasting jambalaya and put it on a pizza. That’s right. It’s jambalaya pizza, people!

Dick’s Wings

Wings. Arguably the must-have for any game day spread. And what better way to capture the essence of being at a Jags game than by purchasing the same wings that you would buy at the game? Dick’s Wings comes in a variety of flavors in ready-to-order spreads from five wings all the way to 100. Enough food to last you the full four quarters.

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