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The sights, the smells, the seasonal sells… fall has it all! If you’re ready to ditch the sweaty shorts and t-shirts to cuddle up and get cozy, the time has come. On the other hand, if you’re dreading the end of a sunshiny summer, we’ve got the perfect way to cheer you up. Here are five great reasons to welcome the beginning of fall – plus one awesome event to help you celebrate.

Sweater Weather

Put on that moody jam by The Neighbourhood while pulling on your favorite pair of jeans or corduroys – and, of course, break out your favorite sweater for an evening out on the town. Fall means we can get creative with our wardrobe again, putting together fun ensembles that include more than just shirts, shorts, and sandals. We’ll all be looking good and feeling good.

Warm Beverages

Some things just sound better once the calendar hits September – and warm drinks are one of them. If you’re a coffee drinker, get ready to build up your caffeine tolerance while enjoying a delightful array of autumnal lattes. Hot teas are on the table around the clock, and apple cider makes its sweet appearance. Sip away!

Pumpkin Stuff

From PSLs to pancakes, and craft brews to craft projects, pumpkins deliver seasonal delights in a whole bunch of ways. Welcome to the season of the pumpkin!


When the temperatures come down, turning up the heat in your oven sounds much more appealing. Break out your favorite cookie and cobbler recipes, and try some pies if you’re feeling ambitious. Need a little inspiration? Stream The Great British Baking Show to get yourself in the fall baking mood.

Cozy Time

In the heat of summer, getting outside just feels like the right thing to do. But when fall rolls around, that’s the perfect excuse to cozy up at home. On Saturdays, you can hang out and tune into some college football, and on Sundays, you can switch it up and tune into some professional football. Whether you’re cooking up soup dinners at home or wearing socks around the house, fall makes for the best and cuddliest down time.

Falling for Fall? Celebrate With Us!

Here at Cape House, we love fall so much that we simply have to share it with you. Join us for our 1st Annual Cape House Fall Festival on Sept. 24, from 4-8 PM. Hop around in the bouncy house, and enjoy popcorn, games, and more.

Make sure to check out the Cape House blog for more fun resident events and ways to enjoy every season in Jacksonville.