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So you’re not feeling the beach this weekend? No sweat – because our city isn’t just awesome in one way, it’s awesome in a whole bunch of ways. The next time you’re having a hard time making a plan for a warm summer Saturday that doesn’t involve sand everywhere, check out our top four non-beach ways to do Jacksonville right.

1. Grab a Beer Flight at a Great Brewery

It’s a well-known fact (but worth stating) that beer tastes better outdoors in the warm sunshine. And our city serves up a perfect combo for beer lovers, between the tropical weather and the many quality breweries putting out delicious, foamy, Jacksonville beer. On a warm weekend, it’s hard to beat drinking brews outside on the patio, and if you’re looking for a spot, head over to Wicked Barley Brewing Company. Their creative brews, including sours, meads, and inventive IPAs, definitely merit a flight, and they’ve got good eats too. The Kimchi Pork Belly Fries and the Curd Burger with cheese curds will be calling your name!

2. Catch a Jumbo Shrimp (Game)

Fishing for the real thing is an option too, but we love a good minor league baseball game, and how can you pass up the chance to cheer on our delightfully dubbed Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp? Head over to beautiful 121 Financial Ballpark, right next to TIAA Bank Field, to watch the AAA Miami Marlins affiliate. If you’re big on baseball, you’ll love seeing some of the organization’s top-tier young players, but even if you don’t care about the play on the field, you’ll have a blast. With cheap ticket prices and fun promotions, it’s low-key fun that’s accessible for everyone. Hang out, chat with friends, and enjoy your perfectly relaxed summer evening.

3. Cruise to St. Augustine

Does hanging out in the nation’s oldest city do it for you? Us too! Buckle up for a scenic joy ride down to St. Augustine, then spend a while soaking up the history of this unique Florida town. Pay a visit to the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, the oldest masonry fortification in the continental U.S. Check out the world-class Lightner Museum, a stunningly beautiful setting for exceptional paintings and visual art. Stroll the town to admire the wide range of striking architectural styles. It’s a place unlike any other.

4. See Street Art That Will Move You

A killer street art scene contributes a lot to Jacksonville’s cool flavor. To dig into that art scene, download Jacksonville’s Black Mural Map and hit every stop. Your art odyssey will offer you a tour around town, too, as you go from Woodland Acres on the east side to downtown, and from Woodstock in the west to Harborview in the north. Let yourself be moved by the artistry and the message of the thoughtful public murals, and take time to appreciate the amazing, diverse city we love.

How are you going to spend your summer Saturdays? For more ideas and fun events happening around town, make sure to check out the Cape House blog.