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Mom and daughter pulling a delicious turkey out of the oven at Cape House



This year, the holidays are looking a little (or a lot) different. In addition to colder days, more time spent at home, and -of course- COVID impacting our lives, Thanksgiving 2020 might be a rough one for some of us. To help lift spirits and bring happiness to your taste buds and your brain, here are our favorite mood-boosting foods to include in your holiday spread.


This one is a given! Thanksgiving dinner is known for having the ‘sleep-inducing’ turkey as the meal’s main attraction. And, while most major nutrition-science institutions have debunked this, turkey does have some pretty interesting components to help increase our mood. With its biggest nod of recognition going to L-tryptophan, an amino acid, that helps us produce more serotonin (better known as “the happy hormone”).


While this isn’t necessarily a food, it is a must-have addition to flavor-fy your holiday spread. Spices are loaded with vitamins and minerals that help us regulate our nervous system and our hormones – so go to flavortown and pack on those spices! Just don’t over-do it and risk making a last minute trip to the local fast food drive through.

Eat the Rainbow

Not only is your meal visually more appealing with colorful, vibrant foods out on full display, but your body and brain will thank you for it too. From greens, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and anything else your heart desires, load up on those colorful veggie side dishes! Check out these epic recipes from the Food Network to see how they “balance out the beige” for Thanksgiving.

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