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A woman facing a set of concrete stairs getting ready to start her workout.



We’ve all been at that point when your workout routine starts feeling more like a chore than something you look forward to doing. When that happens, it’s time to gain some new perspective, flip the script, and set yourself up for a killer workout. Here’s how you can do just that!

Join a New Class or Program

If you’re not as excited about exercise as you used to be, it could be that you’re just bored with your current routine. So take matters into your own hands and try something new! It’s as easy as signing up for a local bootcamp course, joining OrangeTheory Fitness, or taking a yoga class a few times a week. You decide.

Try a Pre-Workout Supplement

If you’ve never tried a pre-workout supplement before, then you’re totally missing out! While it’s not a necessity, who doesn’t want a little caffeine jolt right before a workout? Not only does it give you a big boost of energy, but added vitamins and minerals help your muscles recover afterward. Due to the caffeine and other added ingredients, you may want to consult with your physician prior to trying this type of product and always follow the recommended serving amount.

Revamp Your Workout Playlist

A sweet playlist is an awesome way to kick your body into peak exercise mode. Throw together a new collection of sounds and some upbeat songs to help you crush your next sweat session. Nothing kills the mood more than stale music, so spice things up and fuel the fire for your next workout.

Grab a Workout Partner

Nothing helps you stick with a workout more than having a partner to motivate you. Ask a family member, significant other, friend, or co-worker to join you during workouts. Just set a schedule and hold each other accountable.

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