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Smiling young woman holding a phone and wearing costume reindeer antlers in a white interior with a tree, wreath, and holiday decorations in the background



You might have heard that the best things in life are shared – and if you’re someone who loves to go big with holiday decorations, it’s the perfect time to use your gift and dish out a few extra cups of cheer. Here’s how you can win over your neighbors (plus win a gift card!) – with your decorations this year.

Put a Timer on Your Holiday Fun

If your vision of the ideal Christmas tree includes enough lights to make it visible from an airplane, do the courteous thing and set those lights to turn off on a timer. Not only will you save energy, but you’ll save some of the neighbors’ patience too!

Share the Love

Pulling boxes out of storage to get your decorating done? This year, try offering to help decorate a friend’s place with them and share some of your sizable ornament collection. You might find that lightening the load makes for even happier holiday feels.

Orchestrate a Light Show

Who doesn’t love watching lights dance to festive holiday tunes? Pick up a new skill this year and learn to program your own light show at home. No doubt you’ll have plenty of admirers coming by to share it with you!

Host a Lighting Ceremony

Finishing your holiday decorating is as good of a reason as any to host a party. Invite your crew over on the night you hang your last ornament, and open the festivities by playing this classic clip from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Capture the Moment

Make your holiday decorations a lasting memory by snapping some good photos. Once you share them to your social feeds, send them over to us at capehouse@olympusproperty.com by Dec. 8. We’ll post them to Facebook on Dec. 9, and whoever receives the most likes will win a $50 Target gift card.

Happy holidays from Cape House! To stay up to date on everything happening here and around Jacksonville this season, make sure to visit our Cape House blog.