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Mexican restaurants in Jacksonville

Explore Authentic Mexican Food Near Jacksonville

Our Picks for The Best Mexican Food in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, Florida, there are several restaurants to satiate your Mexican food cravings with flavors ranging from sweet to hot and mild to extremely spicy! Each cuisine will undoubtedly awaken your senses. Use the list below to help you find the best and most popular restaurants close to our Jacksonville apartments.

Taco Libre

Since its opening in 2015, Taco Libre has developed into one of Jacksonville's best Mexican food restaurants focusing on authentic Mexican cuisine. The food served here is inspired by various locations all over Mexico, with the chef having traveled around Mexico to gather ideas for flavors and recipes from other cooks and chefs all over the country. Turning up the heat in their kitchen, they make sure that you will always have something exceptional on your plates that will deliver the natural taste and feel of Mexico.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill is undoubtedly the neighborhood's favorite Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville. Looking at the menu, you can tell why this Mexican restaurant is so well-liked. They only make the fresh Mexican food you deserve. They pledge only to utilize locally and organically grown ingredients and meat that has been ethically raised per some of the highest standards for animal care and is hormone-free. You won't soon forget your first trip to this fantastic restaurant, which serves some of the healthiest and most affordable real Mexican food you'll ever find.

Salsas Mexican Restaurant

With over a decade in the business, Salsas Mexican Restaurant is surely well-versed in serving you hot and fresh Mexican cuisines. Their prime goal is to provide their customers with the best dining experience possible. Thanks to their welcoming environment and friendly staff, you will take pleasure in your cuisine and beverages. The quality and quantity of the food are excellent and reasonably priced. Join in on the party at the finest Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville! It inspires them to work harder when you smile as you exit the restaurant.

Jacksonville, Florida, is a fantastic place to call home. It's time to explore everything Jacksonville offers, whether you're looking for stunning coastlines, world-class dining, or distinctive cultural neighborhoods. Jacksonville apartments will give you the perfect place to start your new life. Contact us today, and we'll give you a tour of Cape House.