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Hand over trivia buzzer at a competition near Cape House Apartments in Jacksonville, Florida

5 Virtual Trivia Competitions to Test Your Skills


There are as many different types of trivia games as there are coffee shops. And while a vanilla latte has the same basic ingredients everywhere you go, everything from your choice of milk to the cool foam leaf can make all the difference. With that in mind, here are five unique virtual trivia competitions that will test your skills.

Jeopardy! World Tour

If you’re looking for a nostalgic feel look no further than the Jeopardy! World Tour. Complete with that iconic theme song, players can go head-to-head and earn in-game cash to advance to higher levels. Don’t be intimidated by the extensive library of questions – unlike the show, the questions are multiple choice. Download it for Apple or Android devices here!


QuizUp allows you to customize your trivia experience by choosing from over 140 individual topics and pitting you against friends or strangers who share those same interests. The competitive nature of this app is higher than most because answer speed adds to your overall score. QuizUp is available for both Apple and Android devices!

Trivia Crack

Once you spin the trivia wheel the party begins. With bright, colorful game play, themed characters, and an ability to chat with other players from around the world, this app will keep you entertained as you sharpen those trivia skills. You can play Trivia Crack via Facebook or by downloading the app for Apple or Android devices.

SongPop 2

Test your music knowledge in a wide variety of genres. With a playlist that’s updated weekly, players can compete with themselves or friends to see who’s got the most extensive mental music library. Download it for Apple or Android devices!

Encyclopedia Britannica Quizzes

The only non-mobile entry on this list, this site will expand and test your trivia skills against yourself. The quiz section of Encyclopedia Britannica will send you down a rabbit hole of knowledge while flexing your trivia muscle.

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