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Young woman wearing bright purple leggings, an orange tank top, and a green visor doing a runner’s stretch as she prepares for exercise



Love Halloween and exercise? Then a fun run is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday! And if you’re having a hard time coming up with what to wear, don’t worry. Cape House has you covered with some creative costume ideas to help you look your best (or worst!) on your way to the finish line.

Senior Speed Walker

Honor those fabulous older ladies from the neighborhood who keep pounding the pavement year after year. Find a wig like this beauty to give you a little extra flair on top, and complete the look with a vintage tracksuit or your best color-coordinated combo of joggers and a jacket. Dangling hoop earrings and a perfectly placed fanny pack can help to put your costume over the top. Now, pump those arms!

The Before Times

You know those old dress clothes you’re not wearing anymore? All those neckties and belts, pantsuits and sports coats? Dust those suckers off and take ‘em out for one last spin dressed as pre-pandemic you. For bonus points, tote a briefcase and a 2019 wall calendar the whole way. Going for scary? Grab an old white undershirt or tank top and use a marker to write “2020” all over it. Add in some smudged makeup, messy hair, and torn sweatpants, and you’ll have fellow racers running the opposite way.

Your Favorite Fitness Leader

If you’re looking for a costume that’s more conducive to actually running a race, channel a celebrity trainer to take your energy up a level. Go with a classic option like Richard Simmons or Jane Fonda, rocking those leotards, tank tops, high socks, and leg warmers. Run like a gazelle in your Tony Little get-up, sporting a curly ponytail wig and black hat with your short shorts and tight-fitting shirt, or do your best Billy Blanks with an orange tank top and athletic tape wrapped around your hands. Bam!

Inspiring Movie Scenes

Pick your favorite running moment in the movies and steal the glory for yourself! Whether you cross the finish line in plain white shorts and a white shirt numbered “451” like Eric Liddell in Chariots of Fire, or you roll with khakis and a plaid blue collared shirt like Forrest Gump, you’ll feel like the center of the action while you do it.

Extra Weight

You can win some laughs and some weird looks if you’re willing to go the extra mile, so to speak. Get your hands on a fake body bag or rig one up yourself using heavy duty plastic bags, pillows, and duct tape, then carry it over your shoulder for the whole race. You’ll definitely avoid suspicion if you wear your hat really low and take furtive glances around you as you run.

Have a Freakishly Good Run!

Once you’ve got your costume nailed down, make sure to sign up for the Evergreen Pumpkin Run on Oct. 31 here in Jacksonville. The event features a 10-mile run and a 5K race, both starting at 8 AM. All participants earn finisher medals and have a shot at winning a $50 gift card for the best costume in each of three categories: Scariest Costume, Funniest Costume, and Best Overall Costume. Plus, pumpkins line the course, and you can take one home after the race.

For more fun ideas on holiday events and ways to stay active in and around Jacksonville, make sure to visit our Cape House blog.