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Cartoon drawing of a Sea-Monkey smiling



They’re the world’s most famous entry-level pet! Sea-Monkeys, marketed as “the world’s only instant pets,” are delightfully low maintenance and can still be found at toy stores and novelty shops if you look hard enough. Here are five fun facts about these popular pets.

They’re Not That Instant

Depending on the temperature and the amount of sun your mini-aquarium receives, it can take a few days before you actually see anything that resembles an actual Sea-Monkey. Though the Sea-Monkey eggs achieve instant life through a process called cryptobiosis, all your eye will really be able to make out at first are tiny specks. With optimal conditions, though, it doesn’t take long before you have a sea-ciety of mature Sea-Monkeys on your hands.

They’re Brine Shrimp, Kind Of

Sea-Monkeys are brine shrimp, but not brine shrimp like you’ll find anywhere in nature. They’re a hybrid breed called Artemia NYOS invented in 1957 by Harold von Braunhut.

They’re Space Travelers

A handful of them were, anyway. Astronaut John Glenn took Sea-Monkeys into space as part of a 1998 experiment. The hardy creatures were hatched upon returning to Earth.

National Sea-Monkey Day is May 16

Mark your calendars and prepare to party!

Get Your Own Sea-Monkeys

Though they’re something of a vintage fad, you can still find Sea-Monkeys in stores today. Don’t worry. You won’t have to go the mail-order route like in the old days. We recommend the Magic Castle or Sea-Monkeys on Mars!

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