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Edible plant on the window sill of a Cape House home in Jacksonville Florida




It’s ridiculously easy to grow microgreens indoors and a great way to include fresh greens in your diet. These are simply regular greens (lettuce, kale, radish, etc.) that are harvested at an immature stage. Simply sow the seeds in a growing tray filled with potting soil. Keep the surface moist and harvest your greens a few snips at a time when they start to sprout.


Did you know you can grow tomatoes indoors? They simply need to be in a pot of at least 6 inches and they will thrive in a warm, sunny window. Cherry tomatoes are a good bet, as they mature faster and often produce more than other varieties. Plus, regular pruning will keep them from taking up too much room.


There’s nothing like having access to fresh herbs to enhance your cooking. Rosemary, parsley, cilantro, dill, sage, thyme, and basil all grow well indoors. They will also make your home smell wonderful.


Using the same method described for growing microgreens, you can grow full-sized lettuce so you always have the makings for a fresh salad on hand. Stagger the planting so you have a mature head to harvest about once a week, or plant them all at once in rectangular containers, mimicking the look of a formal potager garden.

Pole Beans

Pole beans (the kind that grow as vines, not bushes) make exquisitely beautiful indoor plants. As they grow in their pot on your windowsill you can train them up the sides of the window using small hooks or dowels. You can even buy pre-made mini-trellises or fashion your own out of wire to create specific shapes and designs.

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