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A man knitting a wool scarf and smiling at the camera.



It’s knitting season. If you’ve been working with your needles for a few years, you’re probably tired of making scarves, socks, and hats by now. Here are a few creative knitting projects to work on this winter to spice up your needlework.

Octopus Hat

Make your winter hat unique this year by adding a few tentacles … and some eyes. This eight-legged idea can be found on Pinterest, if you need a free pattern or if you just want to take a peek at some design ideas before you get started.

Dog Sweater

If you’re chilly this winter, your dog probably is too. Instead of knitting yourself another scarf, try something cozy for your pooch. Here are five free dog patterns you can make for your furry companion this year. Don’t have a dog? These knitted jumpers make great gifts for the dog parents in your life.

Knitted Cardigan

If you’ve been knitting for a while, it might be time to stretch your limits. Try your hand at a bigger project this season and knit yourself a cozy cardigan to wear. Even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, you can always sport your new sweater around the house on a chilly morning. Here are 25 different pattern ideas to get your started.

Kitchen Accessories

Tired of wearing your work? Knit some useful kitchen items this year like hanging kitchen towels, dish scrubbers, and trivets. You can download this Amazon book on your Kindle for instant access to patterns, designs, and inspiration for your seasonal kitchen additions.

When your fingers get tired, set your needles down and read up on the Cape House blog during your break.