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Mexican tomatillos for sale at a supermarket



If you love Latin cuisine but can never seem to find the ingredients you need at your local grocery store, try visiting one of the many Mexican grocery stores in Jacksonville. They stock everything you’ll need to make authentic Mexican dishes, and many of them also offer a variety of prepared foods that you can take home for an easy and delicious meal.

by one of these stores next time you need to stock your pantry.

Mi Pueblo Grocery Store and Meat Market

You'll find this market on Beach Boulevard. Their aisles are stocked with canned goods, baking supplies, fresh produce, and meat. They carry a huge selection of items, so it’s a great place to stop if you have lots on your shopping list. You’ll also find delicious prepared dishes including tacos, carnitas, and hot, fresh tortillas.

La Razita

of the Jacksonville community for several years now, you’ll find this shop on the west side. Drop by here if you want to stock your freezer with tamales, or replenish your fridge with Mexican beers. It’s a smaller store that doesn’t have room to carry an extensive stocklist, but you will find some of the best prepared Mexican food in the city here including chorizo tacos and carne asada – it’s a perfect place to stop for a night of takeout.

Super Tienda Latina

locals consider this one of the best Latin supermarkets and restaurants in the city. The staff members are famous for their hospitality and service. The restaurant takes up approximately half of the building and they serve everything from tacos to pupusa, an El Salvadorian flatbread. You can do your shopping in the other half of the building, picking up everything from some of the freshest meats in Jacksonville to cactus leaves.

Mi Tierra Latina

Have you ever had Ecuadorian dishes like chaulafan? How about Honduran tamales? Mi Tierra Latina offers a wide variety of prepared Latin dishes, as well as plenty of supplies to take home and create your own dishes. You’ll even find party supplies, like piñatas, which makes this a one-stop shop.

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