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Whether you’re on the wagon, trying to live a little healthier, or just wanting to mix things, there’s a low-alcohol or no-alcohol option out there to quench any thirst. A recent interest in enjoying the flavors and rituals of cocktail hour and the after-workout beer has led to a whole host of new, never-before-seen alcohol alternatives, including craft N/A beers and “liquor.” Some people are slow to adapt, but for trendsetters like yourself, these are the four drinks to get quaffing.

Athletic Brewing

Non-alcoholic beer has traditionally been something to avoid. Sure, it tasted kind of like beer, but not the distinct and refreshing craft beers you drink for the bubbles and the buzz. Enter Athletic Brewing, maker of a variety of options that all closely mimic the brews you love, including their flagship IPA, a hazy IPA, golden, stout, Mexican lager, and various seasonal and small-batch options throughout the year, like their delicious gose and single-hop varietals.

In addition to craft N/A beer producers like Athletic, there are also a handful of traditional craft breweries that are also producing N/A beers. Untitled Artist’s juicy IPA is one notable example. However, it’s always in low supply, and usually runs right around $16 for a six-pack. Keep an eye on their website for its return, and splurge for a special occasion.


A non-alcoholic aperitif with a bitter, botanical flavor, this unique mixer is surprisingly popular and the perfect ingredient in your DD’s driving-friendly Aperol spritz. It’s also ideal in an N/A Negroni, something Food & Wine calls the Ghia Sour, and probably in a variety of other concoctions.

Proteau Ludlow Red

Like Ghia, Proteau is a complex herbal aperitif that begs to be mixed with something sparkling. Unlike Ghia, it’s sweet rather than dry and bitter, but also has a slight flavor of fig vinegar, which adds a heat that dissipates some in the glass. Definitely worth checking out.

Monday Zero Alcohol Gin

Sometimes there’s just nothing quite like an ice-cold gin and tonic, and this alcohol-free option is just what the doctor ordered. Also perfect for the above-mentioned Negroni, your own take on the classic French 75, and many other delicious concoctions.

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