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A carved pumpkin and an assortment of multi-colored pumpkins on a sandy beach with ocean waves behind them



What do you get when you throw together some spooky characters, way too much candy, and the sound of waves crashing? Halloween at the beach! This year, make your Halloween at Olympus Emerald Coast the best one yet by bringing coastal vibes to your pumpkin party. Here’s a look at five fun beach themes for carving your pumpkin Destin-style.

Nautical Pumpkins

If you’re on the beach, going with a nautical theme for carving your Halloween pumpkins makes solid directional sense. An ode to the sailors and maritime living, the nautical theme is perfect for anyone who wants to carve their pumpkins with a classy theme. Put together a list of your favorite iconic nautical symbols and create a full set. Think anchors, a rope, a lighthouse, a whale, a sail, even a compass. You’ll win in the creativity department, for sure!

Sea Creatures Pumpkins

Become one with the ocean when you carve some of your favorite sea creatures onto your pumpkins! You can have tons of fun with this one, since there are endless creepy creatures to choose from. A few of our favorites are the elusive octopus, the pinching lobster, the striking piranha, and of course, the many-toothed shark. Go equal parts creepy and coastal with this fun and creative beach theme.

Tropical Pumpkins

Give this Halloween the breezy, cool, tropical vibes it deserves. Do the over-the-top beach theme with a touch of palm trees, monstera plant leaves, ocean waves, a sunset over the ocean, and a group of starfish. While you’re carving them and when you’re enjoying them later on, your tropical pumpkins will always give you the good feels.

Seashell Pumpkins

Take some inspiration from your seashell collection at home and get to carving your very own seashell pumpkin family. Create a series of shell designs in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors. Mix it up by adding some other fun items that wash up on shore, like a sand dollar, starfish, and a seahorse.

Skeleton School of Fish Pumpkins

Make it creepy cool with a school of fish in skeleton form! There’s something about a skeleton fish that just screams Halloween. Get those freaky fishies carved and show them off!

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