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Corgi puppy lying on its back with eyes closed and paws in the air



Feeling down? Have to go somewhere other than the beach? There’s a solution, and it’s called the puppy meme. This subtle but brilliant invention can brighten your day like few things in life. In preparation for celebrating our furry friends on National Dog Day, here are seven sweet puppy memes that will never go gray in the muzzle.

1. Extra Crunchy

What sweet, delicious fried pups!

2. Envy

Little pups can be swaggy, too – why not?

3. That Was Unexpected

Even good pups sometimes catch us off guard.

4. Interview Skills

We can all learn some things from pups.

5. Dream Big

Pups know: Don’t ever let them say you can’t!

6. Small Ask

Can you say no to a pup?

7. Email Protocol

Sincerely, Pup.

Pamper Your Pup!

Here at Olympus Emerald Coast, we love seeing wagging tails and precious puppy photos, so of course, we’re celebrating National Dog Day on Thursday, Aug. 26. Submit a picture of your pup for the pet photo contest on social media, and stop by the office for a gourmet doggy donut from Parlor Doughnuts.

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