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A few weeks ago, Pixar dropped a teaser trailer for their upcoming computer-animated sci-fi film Lightyear. Scheduled to be released June 17, 2022, the movie is a spinoff of the Toy Story series and will serve as an origin story for the human version of the Buzz Lightyear character, voiced by Chris Evans. Little is known about the movie, so we thought it would be fun to speculate and wish upon a star. To infinity and beyond!

Evil Emperor Zurg

Lightyear’s teaser trailer strikes a more serious, albeit epic, tone than you might expect. But then again, it is based on the human character – not the action figure we know and love – and Pixar does love to go there, so we’re not all too surprised by this artistic angle. Director Angus McLane seems to be flexing his creative muscles with this feature film directorial debut.

That being said, we hope the team doesn’t abandon all the elements we love about the character’s backstory. Namely, his archnemesis Emperor Zurg. Zurg is arguably even more over the top than Buzz, so we’d love to see what they do with the character in this realistic setting.

Original Music

We love David Bowie. But hearing a rendition of his “Starman” in the trailer was a little distracting. Let’s hope Pixar brings their A-game and delivers some quality original songs.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

While it seems unlikely that we’ll see any characters from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command – the TV animaited series is unavailable on Disney+ and rumor has it Pixar execs are not fond of the show – we hope Pixar will at the very least offer an Easter egg or two referencing the show to appease hardcore Buzz fans.

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