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A cat and dog sitting together in a field.

The Best Pet Boarding Businesses around Durango

For pet lovers, going out of town can be quite a hassle. You can't always take your furry friend with you. Luckily, there are plenty of quality pet-boarding businesses near our apartments in Durango. These pet pampering spots won't just board your best pal, they'll drench them in comfort, attention, and love.

Durango Pet Resort

Durango Pet Resort has been serving the area since 2011, and its boarding facility is Colorado state accredited. Each pet gets individual attention every single day, so you never have to worry about them getting lonely or bored. Dogs will get to play out in the yard with other dogs, and every cat has an isolated litter pan too! This is the perfect spot to board your pet near Durango. It's filled with play, toys, and (of course) attention.

Healthy Hounds and Fat Cats

As the first pet boarding facility in Durango, Healthy Hounds and Fat Cats has been a favorite in the community for several years. They're also the only pet boarding facility in Durango to accommodate the summer train hours for visitors! All kennels are spacious and stocked with as many toys as your furry friend could ever want, so you can be sure your pet gets all the happiness they deserve.

Puppy Love Kennel

At Puppy Love Kennel, the price of boarding for your cat or dog is based on weight. This weight-based system makes boarding hyper-affordable for most. You can even bring your own bed for your pet to sleep on if it's accustomed to a particular thing or has separation anxiety. All animals will get plenty of attention during the day if they don't like being alone as well.

After you return from your trip, pick up your pet from Durango pet boarding businesses and check out local trails. When you’re ready to learn more about Rocket Pointe, contact us to ask about our amenities, floor plans, and how to schedule a tour of your new apartment in Durango!


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