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Cat lying on couch looking into camera.



Sure, there’s nothing cuter than a fluffy little kitten snuggling in a blanket or nodding off in a sitting position – we’ve all seen the gifs and videos. But what happens when they’re wide awake? Plenty of stuff that’s not so cute and often downright annoying. Read on for four reasons why an adult cat might be a better option.

Older Cats Need Your Love

Many adult cats end up in shelters for reasons that are in no way their own fault, such as having an owner who can no longer care for them physically or financially. And because kittens are so cute, they are much more likely to be adopted. But those older cats have a lot going for them, which you will read below, and you may be their last chance at finding happiness with a loving family. 

3 Words: Litter Box Training

This may be easy or hard, but either way it will take some time, and chances are there will be a few accidents. If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have a lot of free time to spend following your kitten around and placing it in its box when it looks like it might be up to no good – or if you have a lot of white carpeting and furniture that you want to keep that way – an adult cat may be the best option.

Kittens Chew on Things

Just like human babies, kittens need to teethe. But unlike human babies, kittens will likely not always be within your line of sight. That means things like electrical cords, shoes and their laces, chair legs, and anything else you hold dear will be at their disposal, ready to be gnawed into oblivion. Adult cats don’t teethe.

Older Cats Offer Fewer Surprises

With an adult cat, their unique personality is fully developed, so a few visits should give you a pretty good idea of what they’ll be like in the long run. A kitten, on the other hand, may grow into someone you aren’t so fond of. You also already know just how big a kitty is going to get when it’s already an adult – because it’s all right there. Same with fur length, coloring, and friendliness. These elements are all up in the air when the cat is a kitten.

Are You Convinced?

If adopting an adult cat sounds like the right move for you, call your local animal shelter or visit their website to find out what cats are currently available and what their visiting hours are. This list of shelters in the San Diego area can help get you started.

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